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Targeted Digital Marketing

  • Welcome to onTarget!

    onTarget presents the best traditions of classical business within the realm of today's technologies.
    We know how to approach our client's marketing needs and improve the online brand while building quality traffic. Search engine friendly site content is imperative... onTarget can design content using the latest technologies such as ASP.Net, JQuery and HTML 5. The need for media and active content is necessary to keep your visitors coming back to your site. Think about it, when you visit Facebook or LinkedIn, you never see the same page content twice.

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    Consultation is paramount to any site. We need to know what you want to do. There is a strategy that needs to be engineered and then methodically implemented.

    What are your Goals? onTarget can provide realistic insight as to what you can expect. There are many mechanisms to an online Marketing Plan. Not all are beneficial to your specific needs.

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  • Targeted Digital Marketing Mission

    Our Mission

    Simply get your site Traffic and Conversions!

    Sure being on the first page of Google and in the top 100,000 sites on Alexa is desirable. There are many techniques that need to work together to get that done. onTarget has the skills and resources to provide that service. Through the use of Back links, Email and PPC solutions as well as other methods and practices onTarget will build that traffic to get your pages noticed by clients and search engines.

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    Our Skills

    this site is Java based.

    web design languages.

    HTML5 & CSS3
    today's media and content.

    adobe graphic and content design.

    animations and video.

    online catalogs

    SEO & SEM
    search engines.


    Pay Per Click

    Current Projects

    • Email MarketingEmail and Media marketing
      Marketing, SEO, Email
    • Graffic DesignAfter Affects and Flash
      Web Design, Graphic Design
    • Website DesignFlash and Animations
      Web Design, CSS, Java
  • Website Design and Targeted Internet Marketing!

    • Pay per Click Advertising

      Pay Per Click Targeted Internet Marketing Services. can provide instant traffic. Build traffic in minutes.

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      Mass Email Marketing

      Email Marketing that works!. provides easy to use and effective email marketing tools. Plans to fit any budget!

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      SEO SEM Marketing

      SEO, Back Links & Blogs!

      With you can build back links and blogging pages. Free Services!

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    • Web Site Design Goal Line Pro Shop

      Goal line Pro Shop!

      Online Hockey Shop utilizing Flash and Dynamic HTML. Online Product Catalog.

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      Web Site Design by bits & pc's

      bits & pc's Corporate WebSite.

      Flash Menus and Animation. Online Asset Tracking!

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      Targeted Digital Marketing Services

      Tortrex Online Media Management.

      Serving media content such as live video etc.. .

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    • SEO and SEM Marketing

      Blogging is paramount to gaining traffic.

      One blog submission to Autocloaker will create up to 10 articles in Blogging domains owned by autocloaker.

      Blogging is tedious and a painstakingly slow process.

      It can take hours to set up and create content for a blogging page. To be effective it needs to be posted to many different blogging services. You have to hope that the search engines will crawl it then index it accordingly. This takes diligence and knowledge to be effective. onTarget along with can hand submit blogging content to many different engines.

      Blogging is part of SEO and has to be treated as such.

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      • SEO & SEM Marketing
      • Targeted Digital Advertising Campaigns
      • Targeted Internet Marketing Logos
      • Targeted Digital Marketing Design
      • Logo Marketing
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    onTarget If you would like to participate in our Forum or Blog you will need to register. Registration is free and allows you to post to our blog page. There you can post your articles in a forum fashion. Other users can reply or rebut your blog. Most of the articles have to do with Internet Marketing Services and SEO tips and tricks. The sharing of knowledge makes the internet more useful to everyone.

Relevant Content brings Relevant Traffic

Site content and navigation structure along with the proper internet exposure is a must!

First and foremost is your content. Does it provide what the visitor is after? Is it relevant? Does is have site value? onTarget can evaluate this aspect and provide options. Choosing the wrong site keyword or phrase is a death sentence. The right keyword is so important as you get started. Quantity of traffic is important but targeted quality traffic is becoming more desirable.

Each client's online needs are different.

It is this realization and approach that gets results. Market assessment is a science in itself and can be the key to a successful internet marketing campaign. onTarget will get to know your business goals and work within an Targeted Internet Marketing plan that fits your needs and provides results.

Sure radio, tv and the newspaper are still around but the internet can combine all three in one message.

Getting the proper content out to your desired audience is key to any site's success. Presenting a media rich email to your client list will build loyalty and repeat traffic. A restaurant may email out dinner specials or a sports shop may be planning a grand opening of a new store. In terms of demographics Internet Advertising can be truly targeted. Using relevant content along with Email, SEO and Network Advertising Campaigns your site will see quality traffic and convert your visitors.

The Mission

onTarget's sole mission is to provide results!

A website is so different then setting up a physical location for your store. Yet the end result is the same.

onTarget realizes this. The "Internet Marketing" thought process has to be different.

The customer may happen by your physical location on his way to get a cup of coffee and be impressed by your signage. On the internet you have to literally pull your visitor into the store's site. Once the visitor is in you now have to lead them to what they want very quickly then enable them to successfully buy while giving the visitor a reason to come back. Then you need to remind them down the road to come back again. It's all about information and you need to grab it while you can.

onTarget can help......

There are many other considerations as well. First and foremost are Conversion Rates. Traffic can bring you some revenue if you provide Landing Page Real Estate for PPC media insertions. In Fact, if you have 100,000 hits and a CTR of 3% a day you can earn as much as $6000 per month in revenue sharing. If your business is selling the best widget in the world then it is the conversions you are looking for.

onTarget has the experience to do this......

Sophisticated and Safe internet advertising!

Clickcounters maintains a high quality network of Partnering websites. All sites are approved by visual inspection. We do not serve any XML to third party networks and our network is monitored by click fraud detection software.

Media maybe inserted in a matter of minutes.

Take advantage of IP2Geo technology or Context Sensitive targeted insertions. All types of inventory from Flash and Video to Animated Skyscrapers and text links.
Graphic reporting modules with charts and searchable by date performance. Budgets as low as $250.00 to get started. Visit to get going.

Your Lists our Email servers! can provide online mass email marketing services for as low as $9.95

Index your lists by Keyword. Mail only to the customers who are interested in your service or product.

Email Marketing is the most cost affective medium to get your Brand out there. Email to thousands of your clients by using our online editor to create media rich email packets or use one of our many templates.
You can also design a "Opt-In" sign up sheet to include in your website allowing you to manage your customer list. Visit for a free trial.

SEO at your Fingertips! is another tool for your SEO arsenal!

Build backlinks with blog content. Set up keyword rich cloaking content.

Serve one page to your browser and keyword content to Search Engine crawlers. Build keyword rich pages that build back links to your site. Setup a blogging page and take advantage of our 100's of domain site feeds. can have a significant affect on your site's SEM indexing and page rank. Quality back linking is very important in Google's algorithm. The "Network Neighborhood" is very important. Organic listing gives you the best bang for your advertising dollars as it provides free traffic.
Visit for this free trial.


Web Development!

Let onTarget Design a new Website for your company! Location Location Location is an old phrase these days. It does not really apply in today's online business world. Site convenience and visitor experience need to be considered today. A user is "Attention Challenged" today. If the visitor cannot find what they searched for quickly you will lose them. If you provide an enhanced user experience based on prior visits you will convert more visitors.

Data driven and media rich content websites are necessary to compete on

onTarget has been designing and coding websites since the early 90's. We have the experience to bring creative concepts to the web in a timely and affordable manner.
The web is evolving and if your site needs a tweak or a complete redesign onTarget can help you evolve with it.


Targeted Internet Marketing!

Targeted Intenet Marketing is necessary if you want traffic. Targeting your market requires a myriad of techniques and methods. These techniques work in tandem to bring you traffic. The right combination needs to be conceived and then implemented to bring quality traffic to your site.

If your site is not on Google's first 2 organic pages for your keywords then call onTarget.

Getting the site traffic you need to bring in the revenue is a process that needs to be tailored and then methodically implemented.
onTarget can provide SEO services and brand exposure through many different channels. Through the use of Email, Network Advertising, Back Link Building and SEO you can realize a quick response in traffic.
onTarget can also submit your site to millions of indexes and search engines.
Building quality traffic will provide more conversions and revenue. onTarget


Media Server!

Serving media to sites like Facebook and Google +1.

Tortrex will serve media to websites that would like to host a social environment.

If you have a website and would like to host inline video and media feeds Tortrex will allow you to easily and seamlessly do this.
No coding is necessary by the subscriber other then pasting in some code from Tortrex to choose the channels you need. Three Dimensional touring for real estate sites or video hosting for musicians. Service media hosting and media services.
Let onTarget design a graphic rich site for you!